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History Channel, The Bible - Mark Burnett

If you aren't watching the new miniseries on The History Channel by Mark Burnett and his wife Roma Downey, it's not too late to start. And if you missed the first installment, set your DVR because they are re-airing it multiple times.

So far, they've done a great job of bringing the big budget of Hollywood to reenactments of some of the Bible's most pivotal stories. Creation, the Ark, Abraham, Sodom, Pharaoh, Moses, the Exodus... they're putting it all in there, and they aren't watering it down either. The Bible is full of love, justice, and violence, so prepare your eyes and shield those of younger age.

After watching part one of The Bible, I was led to a question that seems many people are asking. Is Mark Burnett a Christian? The answer is yes. Not an assumed yes, but from the mouths of he and his wife Roma. In recent months they have consulted numerous evangelical leaders, and sat down with Focus on the Family, Rick Warren, and many others. After reading as many articles as I could get my hands on, I found it fascinating to learn of one of Mark Burnett's biggest fears.

In his words, "If I die on a plane tomorrow, did I make a difference?" It sounds like he is often dwelling on whether or not as a Christian; did he step up to the plate? Did he doing anything that made a difference? What will he be remembered for? At the prompting of his wife to create The Bible miniseries, he simply took a walk, prayed, and agreed it was a project they should take on.

Hat's off to Mark and Roma for pouring so much into a project of incredible magnitude. Their challenges are great, and few people tackle a project like this. How do you recreate the parting of the Red Sea, the plagues on Egypt, the justice of God, the fierceness of His angels, the day to day life of His people, the hardships, the doubt, and the sheer amount of death that is written about in the Bible. No question about it, it's a tall order.

I hope the ratings reflect the greatness of the world's number one best selling book. Set your DVRs, and don't miss The Bible on The History Channel.


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