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Son of God Movie

The new movie about the life of Jesus Christ by Mark Burnett & Roma Downey hits theaters on Friday February 28th.

Go see this movie. On opening weekend. Make it happen.

How often do you hear our national media talking about the Bible in a positive light? What about Hollywood, or other buzz media outlets? How do they portray the Bible, Christians, God, people who quote the Bible, actors who claim Christianity, or anyone who leans on or even mentions the #1 best-selling book in the world as the source of authority?

Very rarely do we get a chance to force our media to talk about The Bible. When the Son of God movie hits theaters, we have an opportunity to change the norm, even if for a short time. If the movie posts big opening weekend numbers, it could send a shock wave to Hollywood, a place not real known for spreading the gospel. It would force most any news outlet to cover the movie's success, and ultimately, talk about Jesus, and the Bible.

A quick comparison - How many people have seen Gravity (with Sandra Bullock & George Clooney)? On opening weekend Gravity did about $56 million in box office sales. Total to date is about $270 million. What about Passion of the Christ in 2004? Mel Gibson's Passion did about $84 million on opening weekend, and $370 million to date. Can you imagine if the Son of God movie posted weekend numbers that looked like Hunger Games, or Iron Man 3 - movies that both did well over $100 million on opening weekend? What would that be like? What message could that send?

Reality check - Recent blockbuster hit "Gravity" is a great movie. It was well done, compelling, had great acting, a good story, incredible filming, crazy good special effects - all that and more. But really, it's a story that doesn't matter. It's a good story, and it's fun to watch - but it just doesn't matter. Sandra Bullock was stuck in space, and boy my heart went out to her for about an hour and a half. But the next day, was I still hurting for Sandra's space predicament? It wasn't even a thought.

How about a movie that follows the biblical story of Jesus? Is that a story that matters? Will that story impact you the day after? If yes, then go see the movie... on opening weekend. Let's wake up on Monday morning to every news outlet in the country talking about Jesus, and the Bible. Fork up $10 bucks, and go see the movie. It's a story that matters.


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