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Political Elections

Dear voter,

If your candidate didn't win, there is still much to be happy about. There are mass groups of people that lose their minds and come completely unglued when elections don't fall their way. Don't let the emotion from undesired outcomes put you in that fragile group of people.

By and large, politicians don't have as much power as you think they do. By and larger, they don't have as much power as they think they do. The reality is, politicians in the current climate don't really lead. They react. They are far more a reflection of the people, than they are a leader of the people. Regarding your life, for the most part, politicians are not leading you. Friends lead, teachers lead, pastors lead, coaches lead. All kinds of different people in your life lead. The entire position of politicians is to react to the will of the people. As the people go, the politicians follow. So thankfully, we can take that pressure off of the politicians on the ballot to change our lives for the better. If you're waiting for one of them to change your life, you will wait all the way through the end of your last breathe.

When George W. won the presidency, you were just fine. When Obama won, you were just fine. So take a deep breathe and relax. Regardless of which way the red and blue ballots fall, you're fine. The country is not going to crumble. The market is not going to tank. History proves to us that the market dictates politics, not the other way around. You can tell by the nature of the commercials that have lit up your screen, they (politicians) want you to think that the future of the Earth, and the solar system it's in, hinges on their election. Both sides use fear, stretched truths, fuzzy math, and sensationalized stories to sell their case. It's embarrassing in many cases.

Truly, if this election's result upsets you, I recommend you turn off the news and continue living your life with the community around you. Do life with the family and friends around you. Talk with people that disagree with you. You will gain far more wisdom and find much more peace by staying connected to the different types of people around you. Honestly, nothing the media has to say will help you. The media only wants your attention, not your well being.

So stay positive, and maybe once in a while have a laugh at the irrational response from the select few. Remember all the people that said they'll move out of the country if Obama wins? If Trump wins? Surprise, they're still here. So whether your person won or not, you will be just fine. Every election that's been held thus far proves that point.


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