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Pandemic Profits

Looking for the video? It's here: Pandemic Profits (YouTube)

[Soapbox Rant Warning] The US has 4.2% of world population, but 16% of the covid deaths. The numbers alone suggest our response to covid, was not just wrong – but more along the lines of abysmal, if not criminal. India and Africa suffered far less deaths than we did by 7x and 15x respectively. They outperformed us by a long shot. Given our covid performance as a country was among the worst in the world, shouldn’t we ask, what exactly was our covid strategy?

Interesting that “Moderna” is now a household name, when they are a very young company with zero track record and prior to a govt funded vaccine, they never had a single commercially available product. IE- you never heard of them prior to summer 2020. But vaccine sales have propelled that baby company in diapers from non-existent to $18 Billion in sales in 2021 alone – a sharp 30,000% increase over their pre-covid numbers. Moderna executives are billionaires now. Not millionaires… Billionaires. Let me offer my most insincere congrats on that milestone. The Vaccine has produced 9 new pharma billionaires so far.

But really, how have YOU been doing? Did you enjoy the lock downs? The supply chain interruptions? The changes at your job? The great resignation? Remote work, remote schooling, remote teaching, remote… everything? The suffocating amount of mask wearing? No really, how’s it been? How were the last 2 years? Do you feel like they were stolen from you? Did you lose someone close? Has it been just loads of fun trying to make ends meet? Were you told to get vaxed or get fired? Business owners, did you enjoy shutting down or going out of business? Have you been able to find toilet paper, bread, afford gas… or travel, anywhere? But hey, congrats to the all the new pharma billionaires out there. Really, job well done.

For 2021, covid vaccine revenues top $60,000,000,000. Let that sink in. Sixty. Billion. Dollars. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this pandemic was about profits. Money. Billion. Dollar. Profits. Period. The US strategy was literally: go home, mask up, and wait for a vaccine. If you get real sick, go to the hospital so you can get on a ventilator, which will increase your chances of dying. Big pharma lobbied with $300 million dollars for that exact strategy. Early treatment methods were ignored, and then squashed by billionaires running baked, unblinded studies to discredit already approved drugs and treatment methods to pave the way for a vaccine that promised billions of dollars practically overnight.

And since when in the recorded history of medicine has it been recommended for a pregnant woman to introduce a live pathogen into her system? Show me some time in history where this was a nationally recommended health strategy. I’ll wait. All the while it’s illegal to sue a vaccine company. US Law protects them. Billion dollar profits, barely taxed, and immune from legal liability. Quite the success story really. The first approved mRNA vaccine in history, and it rained down over $60 billion dollars in sales. Meanwhile, the definition of vaccine was “updated” to remove the word “immunity”. And what happens when vaccine popularity or efficacy fades? You get profit booster 1, and profit booster 2. Though I think we’re on number 4 now. They’ll boost you all the way to 2035 if you want because “boost” means “billions”.

Pharma is out for profits. Record breaking profits. And why, for the life of me, why, are they recommending (and ADVERTISING) for CHILDREN to get a covid vaccine? Children aren’t dying from covid. They never were. They still aren’t. Ages 0-18 make up 0.09% of covid deaths. That’s so far below 1% it’s barely measurable. Hear this: the percent chances of a child dying from covid starts with ZERO POINT ZERO. Does it even matter what numbers come after that? Drowning, quite rare honestly, makes up about 5% of pediatric deaths each year. And drowning kills a lot more kids than covid does.

Just an honest warning, but if someone comes knocking on my door trying to mandate a covid vaccine for my girls, they’ll be met with the fury of a father that will most certainly be news worthy. Grab you some popcorn if that happens, because I’ll be walking away with an Oscar winning performance in the action & adventure category. My inner Jason Bourne will come out. And I’m more than happy to treat my girls with medicine and vaccines that they actually NEED. But needlessly jabbing brand new chemicals in their body so billions are made somewhere else. Yeah, ima go with NO on that. If you can’t tell, I’m a little perturbed. Perhaps frustrated. Saddened really. I’ve been doing a lot of digging, and the deeper I get, the worse and worse it looks. You’re welcome to check out my latest video Pandemic Profits - Big Pharma, Government, and Media if you want to see what I’ve found so far. But I’m going to warn you - it ain’t pretty, and both political parties are guilty as sin.



fantastic article
- Rich
Saturday, February 19, 2022

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